not trying to get you guys to feel bad for me, I deserve this

didn’t finish the job the first time, might just finish it now…

I’m just going to keep my mouth shut from now on, I try to help but I seem to ruin so many things.

Depression is seeping back in, and I thought I was doing the right thing, but I’m worried that I did more damage

I’m sorry to those I hurt, I’m sorry for being a terrible person

Hey guys!


You guys need to calm down, the thing between demonicdivagation and thequeenofstarboarding is being sorted out by them
Please, you are hurting demonicdivagation for going after thequeenofstarboarding

I do have to apologize for making that post, but I didn’t want people to post anon hate to the queenofstarboarding~ On the post I said “instead of giving anon hate/or messages to queenofstarboarding- give positive messages to demonic”

I’m sorry if this started a shitstorm, I just didn’t feel like demonic was being treated fairly and kindly and I just wanted to help

If you want an apology from me, please message me, tell me why, and I will message you back~

Anonymous said: at least everyone can see my side now. thanks for providing that medium ^^ ~~ tqos

I don’t know who you are, and I’m not sure if you are meaning this in a bad or good way.

No matter what anyone says, it gives no reason for you to say hurtful things about their disabilities *physical or mental* or taunt about their suicidal thoughts

I hope I somewhat helped but I saw a huge shit-storm of people sending anon hate, which I’m really upset about because it’s just really rude. If anyone is mad at me please let me know, because I didn’t mean for any of this to happen. 

a-jub-jub said: I saw your post in the tag earlier. Pease go help them, right now. There's something wrong

I know there is, and I never wanted people to send anon hate. I even said that in a post~ All I wanted to let people know that it’s wrong to taunt and tease people for their suicidal thoughts I do apologize if it started a shirt storm, but I was being honest with that one person and letting them know it was wrong for what they said to demonic~

omg I was at 996 last night and I woke up to 1,007


THANK YOU GUYS SO FUCKING MUCH!! ;w; *hugs all of you*

eerie-artist said: I came for the art, stayed for THE AMAZING PERSON

awwwww thank you eerie~ *hugs*

you are just too darn amazing! I hope you have a great day~

hangrumps said: i want to: draw with you!! drawing with people is just really cool! :3c

someday we shall!! When I get my projects/commissions done and I have so much free time!