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felt the need to update the info, mainly with updated art and a few changes here and there, so here is the deal:

► I draw:
Original characters/Yourself (references preferred please) and Fanart
Youtubers(mainly for thumbnails)

► I don’t draw:
Extreme nudity/hentai/smut
Furry (ears/tail are okay)

How to Commission:

1. Send me and email (garrdencommissions@gmail.com)

2. Regarding the email/note it must have the following info (for the commission), please copy and fill out the following in your note:

★ What kind of commission you want:
★ Character references. (Reference and a bit about them, so i can get a feel for the personality) (Maybe also clothing):
★ Other. (if there’s a special pose you want or a specific background, etc…):
★ Your Email/Deviantart. (Email is so I can notify you of any problems/if the commission is gonna be a little late etc…) (also for send the finished pic, same with dA, you can do either or):

3. I will confirm your request to accept the commission or not. you will hear from me within three days after sending your commission request. if I have accepted or declined

4. Once I have accepted your commission, please send the payment VIA PAYPAL ONLY TO: jimorales89@yahoo.com (this is a relatives Paypal)

Then I will start drawing. I will do the sketch then send you what I have, if you like it I will finish it, if not tell me what I can do to fix it and then I will send you another sketch. The process repeats if you have multiple fixes after the first time

5. When I’m done I will send the commission to you through the email you provided. (and/or on dA).


*Specify which game the thumbnail: (this is for so I can research a bit about it to get the feel of it.):

*Your Youtube account/channel:

*Your person/mascot of channel (gotta put something in the thumbnail):

*Email:(if there are any issues) (and so I can send you the thumbnail when done):

Thats all, hope u consider commissioning me <3

Support your local Artists.

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Follow her


So this lovely lady right here deserves more followers. Could you lovely people go do be a great favor and follow her =D


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Hey sconee saw this on your post and had to screen shot it~

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Arin’s Fury - Gooch Master

Gooch Master returns. Aww yeah!

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Anonymous: Is your donation connected to the same paypal as your the one you use for commissions? If it is you can donate without signing up for paypal so I would think it would work the same way? (To the anon who was asking about commissions) 

Yes my paypal is used for both donations and commissions so that It’s easier for me to track how much I’m saving for something. I would think so, as I said earlier, I haven’t used paypal for that long~

sorry that I’m not much of help! I would say try it~

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Dúfa is a boy!!

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Anonymous: what time would you be streaming tonight? 

Right now!:


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Anonymous: i know life is hard right now, and you're really busy an shit, but would you kindly tell us when the next taco stream is? 

Happening right now~  Thanks for asking!


I feel super shitty about my art, though I think it’s just because I’m making so much art, yet I can’t show you guys..

I think I will stream later tonight drawing my own stuff. Whether it’s the taco t-shirts, or my webcomic characters~

coffeeandcockatiels keep being you, you are a great support in this fandom and bring so much joy to others. I’m not saying you are better than everyone else in the fandom, because we all know that all of us have different talents yet we all love Mark. We all come together to do great and creative things and it’s great to be around such positive people

yes there are some negative people, but don’t let them get you down, keep being the strong and amazing person I know you are~ *hugs*