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I miss santahaki ;w;

Okay! I need your help!!!!

I had said I was going to make an animation, and mark had said “yes please!” Though I haven’t gotten around to it because my computer died~

I currently have $400 from commissions and donations! Though I still need $500 more to get my own computer! So to give incentive to donations, I want to make that animation but I can’t start it until I get that computer.

For those that donate:

The animation will be me finding markiplier and he teaches me the way of dancing in tight pants. The animation will be to this song and the people already planned to be in this animation:

Donation link:


If you can’t donate then please reblog! EVERYONE THAT DONATES WILL ALSO BE THANKED AT THE END OF THE VIDEO!!!! Thank you to those who have already donated their money to help me, I could never thank you guys enough! Thank you and have a great day!

taco selfie~


aight i just wanna say thanks to thetinytaco, that lil pick me up thingy telling me to ignore all the shits made me feel a million times better and it means a lot to me that one of my idols may count me as a friend and ugh it makes me all warm and fuzzy yo. and well the only way i really know how to say thanks without turning into a soppy mess is by drawing a shitty and quick doodle and uguu just thank you so much taco, you’re fucking awesome


OMG Thank you so much!!! I was just trying to cheer you up and hope that things got better for you! Also this is not a shitty drawing at all~ it’s seriously amazing, lovely colors, great style, and it just made me smile so much!!!

Thank you!! You are so amazing, and I hope you have a great day!! *hugs*

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I’m not worthy!

I love your art! *fangirls everywhere*

You are worthy tho, you cutie you~


thetinytaco started following you

PEOPLE. What is happening today. Somebody tell me please. I have slept for 5 hours, broke the toilet seat and got sick from dinner. And now one of my sempais I am WAAAAAAAAY TO SHY to talk to started following me. Where is this heading to. First all bad things happen and then one ultimate good thing happens. Wot. PS. Taco, I love your hair.

I’m sorry that things were going bad for you, but I really feel happy that I could make it better!

You can always talk to me, but do it when you feel up to it, not trying to force you to!

p.s. I hope you have a great day, thank you~

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chewietehhamster: HAPPY OCTOBER FUCKBOY 


vinithedemon: A cute taco monster :3 

I really want to see what a taco monster would look!!!!!!

So my friends and I figured this out while on your blog! IT’S A TWERK OFF! (I hope you can see it  :c if not I’ll try again)

It doesn’t work but this is still magical ;w; thank you for this awesome and magical picture~

I want to animate again so bad

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everyone’s art is just so good and the anatomy and the expressions just ;;

wow someday i wanna be a senpai too and be cool at art

but you are senpai~

but how ;;;;; i just??? you guys are all so good and i kinda like my art and all but

the anatomy and just everything you guys do is just gold ;;;;

You are talented lala~

Being an artist my self: I can see that so many artists, no matter what level, are talented. Some are great at anatomy, some are great at colors, some are great at making things cute and funny.

Each artist has their style that shows off their personality. Every time they draw, they are showing a small portion of their personality/interests/dislikes/ect. You shouldn’t strive to be like another artist, because that is their personality~ Yes you can improve on so  many things, and get better, but you can’t draw exactly like someone else because that is their personality, that is all them.

You are talented and amazing lala~ many people look up to you and love you, you are improving so much and I love seeing your art *hugs*